This is me

Talent – Expression – Conduct

My (Business-) Life is designed to be dynamic and successful. I think, I´ve become what I believe in.


I am an ambitious and enthusiastic technical project leader in the Automotive field. As a technical executive manager: I am an creator, strong-willed, and appreciative. I move confidently between the diverse areas of humans and machines. The foundation of my expertise lies in my degree where I specialized in computer science, psychology and educational science. Not to forget my qualification as a business mediator. I have sound knowledge and long established experience in the field of software development of C++, Java, PHP, MySql, PL/SQl etc. Training has been my biggest passion for the past 15 years. Let us get inspired and creative today!


As a Life Design Facilitor one of the biggest adventure i can ever take is to live the life of my dreams and believes. My qualities are to meet an empathetic tone and to give sensible advice.