Lust for Life

Lust for Life

Dune in Namibia

Today’s blog is a collection of musings and tips that I would like to share with you, my dear reader. They are little fruits and berries of letting myself be inspired and seduced by moments of clarity. Maybe you can find one or the other of these useful for you.

18 minutes on Life Design – well worth every second of it!

Designing Your Life author Dave Evans was invited to take the TEDx San Francisco stage at a recent longevity event. You don’t want to miss his “Designing the Rest of Your Life” talk.

A blog about intuition!

The magic of intuition has nothing to do with magic!

Music inspires me

The title of my blog was inspired by Lana Del Rey’s recent “Lust for Life”.

‘Cause we’re the masters of our own fate.

We’re the captains of our own souls!

Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life (Official Video) ft. The Weeknd

Are you the master of your own fate? Are you the captain of your soul? Do you know what your soul is all about?

Follow the white rabbit!

One of my favorite movies is Matrix. I’ve seen it countless times; at least ten in the cinema when it first came out and I re-watch it whenever the fancy strikes. Yes, I am extraordinarily fascinated by the ideas and execution of this film. I love martial arts and like the innovative digital effects. I love Morpheus, who believes in something so wholeheartedly that he can change people through his devotion. His unwavering faith in Neo, the hero is transformed from an invisible very good hacker into the One, the messiah.
Does faith then really move mountains? Who believes in you?

The pursuit of happiness!

1 minute goose bumps
The most inspirational video for women ever. How to have motivation and never give up!
Watch it!

A book recommandation

I would like to recommand From Good to Great: Aufgeben, nachgeben oder alles geben by Richard Pallman. It’s a beautiful book full of a-ha moments.

We are today where our thoughts have brought us. We will be there tomorrow, where our present thoughts and patterns of thought will bring us. -Mark Colman


And I do my thing no matter what the others say. I go my way, whether straight or slant, that does not matter. I do my thing, no matter what the others, what the weaknesses advise you, that does not matter. I do my thing. – Udo Lindenberg

Let’s get inspired and be creative today!

Thanks for reading! And should you get inspired or moved to drop me a line – with any sort of feedback, thoughts, etc. – I’d be happy to receive it.

Yvonne Kania

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